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The making of a new idea - 'love' necklace

The making of a new idea - 'love' necklace

I've set myself a task. Apart form blogging every week (so far so good) I'm also coming up with a new idea every week. I'm not completely crazy - the new idea doesn't have to become a finished piece, but I thought it might be good for me. So last week I made a fresh set of wire cards, from idea on Monday, to sent off to printers on Thursday! Not too shabby. Available in my etsy shop.

So this week I had an idea to do a new 'Love' necklace in a slightly different style of handlettering to my usual. This is how I started, with some sketching in front of the telly (couldn't find a black pen for love nor money!)

The next morning I redrew my favourite a few times, and then inked it in on tracing paper.

This morning I unwrapped my new toy (a phone tripod - ridiculously excited with my £6.39 spend) and started filming the process.

Before I start, I have made the silver matt by using a scratcher on the surface. Then the tracing paper is stuck in place, and I drill holes into the little internal areas that need cutting away, like the inside of the 'o' and 'v'. This means that I can thread the saw blade into the hole and cut away these little bits. Once that's done I go around the whole edge, and then, ta-dah!

Now I will file the edges, solder on the chain and polish it. Then there's the dull part...Photographing, writing blurb and uploading the whole thing! Can you tell I prefer the first part of the whole new idea thing?!

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