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Taking on a commission and meeting new people!

Taking on a commission and meeting new people!

I’m working with a lovely man on a commission for his wife’s upcoming birthday, and just finished a commissioned ring for another customer who comes into the shop Fig in Bristol. Commissions can be really inspiring, complicated or stressful, but usually they have one thing in common - getting to know someone a little better! I particularly enjoy understanding the reasons for the present, or the narrative that the piece will convey, whether it’s subtle or obvious, it’s aways a special feeling having that extra involvement in the piece.

One of my favourite stories is about a woman who was getting married and wanted me to make her a wedding ring. We chatted on the phone first, and she talked about one of my rings she'd seen in the shop, and a costume ring she had and loved. I sent her some sketches and then made a silver rough version for her to come and see. I had no idea of her ring sizes as I'd not met her or measured her finger, but when she tried it on, it fitted perfectly! She's a tiny person, so it really was luck that the tiny ring I'd made fitted so well! I ended up making rings for her and her husband, and then a necklace and matching bracelet for the wedding day that went with her dress as we were clearly so in-tune with each other's thinking!

The bracelet that was part of the wedding set

Toiling away in my little workshop in the garden, there’s not a lot of contact with other people on a day to day basis, so it’s lovely to make something special for someone who really cares about the work and wants something a little bit special and individual.

A Keith Haring pair of earrings for customer

I have one special local (and loyal!) customer who I’ve made many pieces for , mainly wonderful chinky cuffs. Here are just three of those I've made below, inspired some of her favourite things. The middle one is still my favourite - she asked for a pomegranate, and I had just seen a wonderful show at a local art gallery and had been inspired by a picture of circles. It turned out that she too had loved this particular image and recognised my nod to it in the seeds of the pomegranate!

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After almost 20 years as a designer in children's publishing a short silversmithing course in 2006 prompted a change of direction.

The following year I enrolled on a part-time jewellery course, and found a local studio where I could make and sell my work.

In 2009, together with five other crafts people we found a shop space to rent on our busy local high street, the gloucester road, called Fig. We are open tuesday - saturday, 9.30am - 5pm (except August).